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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Are you a licensed mover?
2. Will my household goods be insured?
3. Do you disassemble and reassemble items?
4. Can I leave items in dresser drawers?
5. What form of payment is accepted?
6. What items cannot be transported in your truck?
7. Can you load or unload my rental truck?
8. How far in advance should I schedule my move?
9. Does your company pack, unpack and assemble furniture?
10. Are you available on the weekends?
11. Can I tip the movers?
12. Can I have my belongings deliver the next day?
13. Is there any fee to reschedule or cancel my move?
14. Do I have to pay a separate fee for truck, stairs, elevators or and moving supplies?
15. Do you protect my furniture and mattresses for damages?
16. Do you protect my floors?
17. Do you have COVID 19 procedures in place?
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